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When I was a little girl, I discovered makeup. I was fascinated by people’s faces. I still am. I always knew that I would work within the beauty industry.


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Winter and healthy skin

Winter is here again!

I want to remind you that this erratic weather will dry your skin in a heartbeat. Be sure to nourish your skin by slathering yourself (hair and all) in an oil suited to your skin type. Remember, the drier your skin, the heavier your oil needs to be. For an extra treat coat your body with your favorite oil and soak in a warm tub scented with an essential oil. This will calm your senses and your skin will glow!
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Get eyebrows to die for at KJEsthetics.com!

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""I got my eyebrows done and also eyelash enhancement (permanent makeup). First of all, Kimberly is very warm and friendly. This was a huge plus for me because it's important to feel relaxed and comfortable when someone is about to take a needle to your eye. She's accommodating and made me feel at ease--she gave me a comfy blanket when I started getting a little chilly and let me know exactly how the procedure works. I brought in a picture of the way I wanted my eyebrows to look and she actually paid attention to the picture, which also was a plus because a lot of other aestheticians feel like they know what's best for you and they disregard any pictures you might bring in. The numbing creme worked well, and I could tell that Kim was relaxed and taking her time to make sure the shape was perfect. The result was a PERFECTLY natural enhanced lash-line. I could NOT be more satisfied with the precision with which Kimberly got between my lashes--honestly, I don't think ANYONE could do it better. As for the eyebrows, Kimberly clearly has a refined aesthetic sense and gave my eyebrows a beautiful shape, adding a subtle arch that my natural brows don't really have. The only criticism I have is that this place is VERY expensive (I did TONS of price comparison), but I suppose you get what you pay for!" - Ivy A Check us out on Yelp! - by Ivy A".